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Doris Range Pads are an invention of Doris, a homemaker and a mother from Bochum, Germany. Realizing the dire need of a simple product for hassle free cleanliness, she came up with the idea of these multiple featured pads that are heat, abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Electric and current inductive ranges are sleek and require no flame.  The range comes with several heating elements that can be used to cook various foods at the same time.  The range tops are flat usually made out of glass or finished high gloss metal material and have electric heat elements (burners) to cook.  The problem is that when the food is cooking, it may splash on the top of the range top, and eventually harden.  Cleaning the tops can be a tedious daily and time-consuming task.  Also, when cooking with conventional electric or inductive ranges, it is difficult to regulate or keep the food warm without constantly checking the to see if is overcooked without readjusting the heat.