Full Set Range Pad

Full Set Range Pad

Full Set Range Pad

Full Set Range Pad

Single Pad Range Pad

Single Pad Range Pad

Small Burner Range Pad

Small Burner Range Pad

Conventional cooking range with five burners each with pads on

Full Set Range Pad

Middle small burner

Left small burner

Right small burner

Left large burner

Right large burner

The Doris Range Pads are made of heavy duty high temperature

silicon, designed to shield the range top when the range burners are not in use. The pad will section off the unused burners and protect it from food splashes. 


The pads are designed in shapes of a standard range top connected together like a puzzle. The pads connect and seal so that food splashes and liquids can’t escape into the cracks to the surface of the range top and can withstand up to 270 degrees Celsius or 518 degrees Fahrenheit and can be arranged in any pattern. The pads can be cleaned easily with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher. The pads are stick resistant and use food-safe silicon. The surface will adhere to the top of the range top to prevent the pads from moving freely. Pads can be used as placemats, workstations, covering for furniture tops, cold and hot surface protection.

The pads connect together with a molded connector is shown below. There’s a step connector to lock the pads and to prevent any liquids from leaking through the cracks. 




Withstand up to 480°F heat


Prevent constant cleaning of grease, oil and other food stains on unused burners, eventually, save your time


Facilitate cooking evenly, keeping food warm on your INDUCTIVE stoves


Can be replaced as mats for pots and pans, protecting marks produced on tables


Act as a great surface for children’s creative activities. Easily wiped and washed, they are reusable


Can be cleaned easily with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher


Prevent surfaces from scratches